Mahnaz: Persian love with a heart beating in Dutch

Mahnaz was born in Tehran, Iran, the land she still lovingly calls Persia. Nevertheless she has been active in the Dutch business world for years and she wants to endeavour building a bridge between her beloved motherland Persia, and her new “fatherland’, the enterprising Netherlands. Two cultures, different backgrounds and a different way of viewing life, who can learn a lot from each other so that the best that both worlds have to offer can be united.

Mahnaz combines her vast knowledge of Persian culture, language and customs with the businesslike approach of the Netherlands. And whenever possible she loves to prepare you a typical Persian dish, for nothing is so unifying for people as a delicious meal in an uncomplicated atmosphere

A solid and reliable bridge between two worlds

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Her background

After concluding her study of Economics Mahnaz decided to start her own enterprise and has now been active for years as an intermediary for business affairs concerning the Netherlands and Iran, she organizes trips to Iran and has set up her own food catering company.

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Other things Mahnaz can organize for you

Is it not about business, but do you want to make an unforgettable journey to the magical world of ancient Persia and wish to get to know Iran from a completely different angle? We will gladly take you by the hand and will help you on your way in a reliable and an efficient way.

If so desired we will take care of the smallest details. With Mahnaz you can be assured of a happy and carefree stay in the mystical world of the Middle East.

Travel Arrangements A bridge between two worlds

Last night, while I was gazing at the sky and the view of the stars overwhelmed me, there was a song in my heart. Then I remembered what happiness is.

(After a poem by Hafiz of Persia)

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