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Doing business in Iran? That doesn’t have to be difficult, especially after the sanctions against Iran have been lifted since 2016 and trade with Iran can be re-established.Foreign products are generally liked in Iran and it is certainly an important fact that the Netherlands enjoy an excellent reputation there.

Dutch products are generally esteemed reliable, which makes doing business with Iran a lot easier and opens doors without difficulty. Nevertheless no one steps into an unknown World without thorough preparation and knowledge. That is where the power of Mahnaz comes in.

We will gladly take you by the hand and will help you set up successful business relations.

A solid and reliable bridge between two worlds

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Mahnaz has:

  • A lot of experience as an intermediary in successfully established deals

  • A thorough knowledge of both cultures

  • The possibility to perform as an interpreter or translator

  • An extensive network of contacts

  • Knowledge of the market in Iran

Why Mahnaz for business relations with Iran?

Iran with its population of over 80 million inhabitants is one of the larger markets in the world and is the second largest economy of the region. That has the ring of possibilities. Naturally there will be some snags in doing successful business with Iran. Mahnaz will gladly help to build a bridge between two worlds that are so different from each other so that you will be able to safely and successfully establish your business.

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