Mahnaz, your go-between in the export to Iran

Doing business with Iran and import-export are a good possibility since economic sanctions against Iran have been lifted. Iran, with its 80 million inhabitants is a country that offers great opportunities especially for Dutch companies.

It would nevertheless be wise to come well prepared, and it is certainly advisable to get the help from a reliable intermediary.

That is precisely the place that Mahnaz wants to fill for you.

A solid and reliable bridge between two worlds

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Safe export to Iran with Mahnaz

  • Experience in establishing satisfactory business contacts

  • Thorough knowledge of the Iranian as well as the Dutch culture

  • Large network of contacts

  • Advice, counsel, tips for import-export

  • Translation of documents/brochures

Unlimited possibilities

Iran with its population of over 80 million is one of the larger markets in the World and is in size the second largest economy of the region. That has the ring of success in it. But naturally there are some pitfalls in doing successful business with Iran. Mahnaz would like to build a bridge between two worlds that are so different, so you can export safely.

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Are you, as a Dutch company interested in exporting to Iran and are you looking for a reliable trade partner that knows the ropes through and through? With Mahnaz you are more than welcome. We take all the time that is needed to look into your project and discuss with you the best possibilities.

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