Mahnaz your intermediary with Iran

Mahnaz has built a large network of business contacts over the years; in the Netherlands as well as in Iran and wishes to bring entrepreneurs from both countries together. The possibilities of doing business between both countries are almost limitless, but because the culture and the backgrounds are so different it is wise to employ a good intermediary who is acquainted with both markets. Mahnaz will be able to connect “demand and supply” in each branch as an independent go-between.

A solid and reliable bridge between two worlds

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Why Mahnaz as an intermediary?

  • Experienced as an intermediary in many successful business deals

  • Knowledge of both cultures

  • Interpreter and translator

  • Vast network of contacts

  • Knowledge of the Iranian market

Good to know

In order to do good business in Iran you need more time than you are used to perhaps. So always take all the time that is needed. Personal contacts and etiquette are of extreme importance in combination with tea, lunches and/or dinner.

We inform you about the norms, values and rules of conduct that are of utmost importance in order to establish a successful enterprise in Iran. It’s about relatively small things that can nevertheless make a huge difference if you want to create a fruitful business relationship. E.g. think of details like clothing, gestures, gifts and more.

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We will take all the time that is needed in order to understand your needs and we will discuss with you the best possibilities.

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