New opportunities for Dutch businesses in Iran

Because Iran has kept the treaties that were laid down, economic sanctions against the country have for a large part been lifted. That creates new possibilities for Dutch companies to do business in Iran.

Research has shown that a good 60 percent of the population of some 80 million inhabitants is younger than the age of 35 years, and that this group is interested in products from the West. The Netherlands rank high here, because Dutch products are generally esteemed very reliable.

But how to go about it? What are the pitfalls and what steps are needed. Mahnaz will gladly help you in your successful enterprise with Iran and knows the ropes like no other.

A solid and reliable bridge between two worlds

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Waarom Mahnaz als handelspartner?

  • A lot of experience as an intermediary in successfull deals

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  • Vast network of contacts

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How and What?

Dutch companies that wish to do business in Iran often have limitless possibilities, but a lot of pioneering is yet to be done, as the roads have not all been neatly cleared. There is a lot of demand for agricultural products, but there is also a lot to do for Dutch companies that deal with the area of sharing the know-how. Mahnaz can act as an important link in clearing the road and establishing contacts.

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